Disc Golf: Your Newest Passion

When all it takes is a disc to get started, disc golf has become a very popular sport for people of all ages and abilities. With close to 200 courses in Colorado, it’s clear the state’s residents take the game very seriously. Courses in Colorado range from wide open grasslands to narrow forests. Disc golf courses are often free, and when they’re not, fees are nominal.

Unlike traditional golf, disc golf is pretty casual—show up when you want, play as much as you want, bring as many friends or canine companions as you want. The only rule that seems to exist on a disc golf course is to respect the land, the course itself, and the other players around you.

Leadville is home to the country’s highest disc golf course. Located behind Colorado Mountain College, the course has a narrow front nine, a wide-open back nine, and a beautiful backdrop to help you fall in love with the sport.