The High Altitude Life

Few cities promote a lifestyle as unique as Leadville’s. Its history, environment, and location help create people who are tough, healthy, and totally down-to-earth.

Leadville is one of Colorado’s most well-preserved towns. With 50 historic structures, eight museums, and several walking tours, it attracts hundreds of visitors every year. Locals are notorious for greeting these newcomers with a smile. Why shouldn’t they? They live in a city that was once the mining capital of the world.

If it’s not the pride of Leadville’s vibrant history that keeps locals smiling, it’s the environment. Surrounded by some of the country’s highest mountains, locals understand how mighty the earth is. It humbles them, causing them to recognize how precious life is and how each moment should be cherished.

With thousands of miles of national forests and public lands at their fingertips, Leadville residents are avid outdoor enthusiasts. Without the frills of large ski towns or the glitz of over-priced mountain resorts, locals play hard, just as the earliest pioneers did. They exude a grittiness reminiscent of the miners who first arrived at California Gulch. They run above tree line, brave nine months of snow, and, at 10,200 feet, have lungs of steel. From biking Colorado’s highest trails to snowmobiling through mining relics, their ties to Leadville’s wilderness and history are deeply rooted.

All sorts of people are drawn to Leadville. There are those who seek adventure, want to get away from the hustle and bustle of larger cities, or need the peace and quiet the wilderness provides. Whatever your reason for visiting Leadville, you’re sure to be warmly welcomed by a local eager to share their home with you.