Explore the Original Tabor Home

Horace Tabor and his first wife, Augusta, moved into a two-story clapboard house in 1877. Just two years later, Horace declared their home’s location ideal for his new project—the Tabor Opera House. Their home was thus moved from Harrison Avenue to its current location, 116 East Fifth Street.

This home signifies an exciting time in Horace Tabor’s life when he owned a general store, invested in mining claims, and increased his wealth. It was also during this time that he met and fell in love with Elizabeth McCourt (Baby Doe). When Horace finally left Augusta for Elizabeth, his reputation was destroyed, whereas Augusta went on to become a millionaire in her own right.

The Tabor Home features some of the Tabors’ original Victorian furnishings and household goods. Tour guides tell the exciting story of financial gain, a devastating divorce, a crumbling career, and ultimate ruin.

Tabor Home
116 East Fifth Street
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