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Leadville & Twin Lakes, Colorado History

Leadville Area Ghost Towns: Hancock


The collapsed remains of one cabin is all that remains of what was once a thriving mining community and railroad town. This photo shows Hancock as it used to be.

You can get to the Hancock site in a standard automobile, but it is a long and bumpy trip! Turn left off of County Road 162 (just before you reach St. Elmo) onto County Road 295 and drive until you reach the beautiful mountain meadow which was once Hancock, Colorado.

Private Property & Responsible Recreation: Hancock/Romley & much of the surrounding area is on Private Property. Venturing off of public roads and lands onto private land is trespassing. The surrounding mountains have miles of underground tunnels and shafts. The area is dangerous and a once safe and stable area can suddenly collapse. The buildings also are in various state of decay and are also unsafe. Obey any posted signs, travel & recreate responsibly, and always tread lightly.

From "Ghost Towns and Back Woods Trails of Chaffee County, Colorado" - a video tape program. Copyright 1997, Universal Systems, Inc.